From Portugal to the World

Our Local Community

Over the years All Saints has provided funding for a variety of local causes, too numerous to mention here, but which include safety equipment for the bombeiros (fire department), orthopaedic beds for a care home, blankets for the elderly and support for several young people with physical disabilities and individual needs. 

Blankets for ASCA
Volunteering for the Banco Aimentar (foodbank)

First of all... where is Rwanda?

Known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ Rwanda is a small, very beautiful, landlocked African country, not much bigger than the Algarve, bordering on Tanzania, Burundi, Congo and Uganda. The capital city is Kigali in the centre of Rwanda.

When did All Saints connect with Rwanda?

In June of 2008. for the first time in history, three senior church leaders agreed to give official oversight to an Anglican Church in Europe. In a radical break with tradition, these leaders, The Most Rev. Emmanuel Mbona Kolini, Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda and Bishop of Kigali, The Most Rev’d Dr. Justice Ofei Akrofi, Archbishop of the Church of the Province of West Africa and Bishop of Accra and The Rt. Rev. Frank Retief, Presiding Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa came together at the GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) conference in Jerusalem and signed a Concordat, a document of acceptance which brought All Saints Anglican Church Algarve, Portugal into their care. This was a truly global, cross border commitment to ensure that Anglicans everywhere can look forward with confidence. You can can read more about Our Journey Together.