Venturing forth to meet in person

3 June 2021

During the past couple of weeks Almancil congregation have organised opportunities for our congregation to start meeting together outside and socially distanced for coffee and/ or lunch.
The first one was at Tavira and the second at Almancil. Thanks to Harry and Julie and Sue for finding and organising excellent venues where we could be socially distanced and feel safe.

tav coffee.jpg


It was great to be able to be together and also to meet people, whom we have got to know quite well on screen during the past year, for the first time in the flesh. There were many exclamations of things like ‘Oh you are taller than I thought you were!’ as people met for the first time in real life!

People are beginning to feel more comfortable to meet again as the vaccine programme is rolling out. This is the first step for us in the possibility of Almancil resuming physical services.

almancil coffee.jpg


Meetings have been held with the management of ASCA and plans are being made so watch this space!