Visiting All Saints

Welcome.  Here at All Saints Church in the Algarve we run a number of midweek groups and you would be welcome to join us.  You can see exactly what is happening each week by looking at our Calendar page.

Despite Covid-19 and the numerous restrictions that is placing on life, all our activities are continuing but using the Zoom internet audio/visual facility.  If you don’t know what this is or have never used it, please just ask and we would be more than happy to help you download it and use it.  We often have one-to-one practice sessions with people to ensure that everything is running well and the person has no questions or concerns.

So, what do we do?

We of course we have our weekly services – Almancil starting at 10.30 every Sunday morning completely by Zoom, while Lagoa is able to have a mixed in-person and video service starting at 11am every Sunday.  Whilst we are on Zoom, Almancil alternates between Holy Communion and Morning Prayer.  At Lagoa we are able to have Holy Communion every week – socially distanced and using individual small wine glasses.

During the week there would normally be a Wednesday morning communion with bible study but this is on hold at the present.

If you like crafting activities then we have the Church Mice meeting once a fortnight by Zoom.  Previously, and in the future, the group meets up in person and if there is someone (like me) who is not a lot of use at these things, then we toddle off and make the tea and coffee and join in the general conversation.  So a lovely social time.  The only difference with Zoom is that you have to make your own tea/coffee – and buy your own biscuits!

There are plans afoot for other Church Mice groups such as sewing and knitting groups, so watch this space for more information on those, particularly as we come out of Covid and lockdowns so watch this space.  There may be a group specifically for people who like sewing but these are still in the planning stage.

Keeping with the theme of craft, before the Covid lockdown back in March, a number of ladies were going into the day care centre part of ASCA, and doing a wide variety of arts and crafts with the elderly men and women.  Once we are able to go back in, you may like to come and join us. When doing this sort of fun activity, language doesn’t seem to matter so don’t let that put you off.

Finally on the subject of craft, our Mice have made a variety of good that can be bought as Christmas presents – masks, coasters, jams, chutneys, Christmas cards, tags and crackers, notelets, tree decorations, small Christmas cakes, and numerous other things.  Email us for an up to date list of items and the price list.  At present these are only available on the Algarve but in future well who knows!

At All Saints we have a number of Home Groups which do a variety of things, including bible study and praying for each other.

At the start of the Covid pandemic, when Portugal went into Lockdown, All Saints set up Care Groups.  These are groups set up to ensure that if anyone has any type of problem they get the help needed as soon as possible and also to keep in touch with the older people and singles within the church, who can easily go days without speaking to anyone.  If you are staying here for a few months and would like to be in one of these groups please let the Secretary know.  These care groups don’t meet in any way, they are just a leader responsible for keeping in touch with a group of people to ensure that all is well.

What else do we do … well we run the Alpha Experience.  The next Experience will be starting on April 16th 2021 so if you would like to know more about this then firstly take a look at our Alpha page and/or contact our Secretary.

As we are not able to do too much as a church or even a whole congregation at the moment, some people meet up outside various cafes for a drink and a natter.  It is lovely to actually see real faces rather than video’d ones, and many people value these get-togethers very much.  With the constantly changing number of people being allowed to meet under the Covid rules, we ensure we are current with the regulations and make sure that we do not contravene them when we meet up.

That is what we do here at All Saints Anglican Church, Algarve, and you are very welcome to join us for any of these things.  During the current situation, with many of these things happening online (including Alpha) it means that you do not even have to be here in the Algarve to be able to join us and you would be more than welcome wherever you live.

We keep our Calendar page as up to date as possible so please check with that, but feel free to contact our Secretary about anything at all and she will do her best to help you.

See you soon – in person or online!

If you are looking at joining us on a Sunday and want to know... What are the services like? or Will there be something for my children? then just take a look at:

What to expect on a Sunday

Maybe you need to know How do I find the church? We worship in two locations on a Sunday, Almancil and Lagoa, and during the week have a number of other meetings throughout the Algarve.  You can find directions and a google map on the Finding Us page, take a look here:

Finding us

Whether you are living here in the Algarve permanently, or part-time, we would love you to see All Saints as part of your family. We have many members who spend parts of the year here in Portugal and parts of the year in the UK.  As well as many members who live here full time.

At home, or on a journey?

Or, maybe you are visiting Family in the Algarve and are looking for somewhere to visit? Afterall, holidays are a gift from God – even the name betrays their spiritual origins. Holy days are part of the rhythm of work and rest; a rhythm that God intended for human flourishing. We don't holiday from God, we holiday with God, and so it makes all the sense in the world for us to meet with His people during our holiday.