INTERCESSIONS – Sunday 23rd May 2021

23 May 2021

On this day of Pentecost fill our hearts Lord with Your Holy Spirit.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation.  We bring before You, Lord, our thanks and praise. Thank you for a new day – the blue skies, the sound of bird song, the colourful plants in our gardens and the beautiful wild meadow flowers. Thank you that we have eyes to see and ears to hear – help us to appreciate and protect the beauty of Your creation.

    Lord in your mercy
    Hear our prayer

Praise to the Lord, who so wondrously reigneth.  We pray for our world and all the people in it. We thank you Lord for the cease-fire that has been agreed between Israel and Hamas and pray that it will hold. We long for a world of peace and fairness for everyone. Help us Lord to keep that hope in our hearts and to never stop praying and caring. We pray Lord for those who have authority over others – those serving in national and local governments; armed forces and police; medical staff, teachers and clergy. In these difficult times and with extra responsibilities and problems we pray for wisdom and understanding both for those in authority and those over whom they govern. In the Anglican cycle of prayer we pray for the Anglican Church of Melanesia. We thank you Lord that ultimately You rule over everything.

    Lord in your mercy
    Hear our prayer

Praise to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work and defend thee. Thank You Lord that nothing is impossible for You. We bring before You those who need Your healing touch – to those in physical pain may their bodies be renewed; for those suffering mental anguish may their fears be lightened; for those who feel far from You may Your Holy Spirit feel especially close. As lockdown measures are eased many people are feeling anxious about going outside especially if they have remained socially isolated for many weeks and months. Help us all to be conscious and sympathetic to the feelings of those around us. Normal life as it once was, is still a long way off – and in fact life may never be quite the same as it was before this pandemic. But You, Lord, are the steady dependant constant in our lives and we thank You for that.

    Lord in your mercy
    Hear our prayer

We pray for ourselves, our families and friends. As international travel opens up again we look forward to seeing our loved ones in person. There will be times of celebration as well as sadness. We think of grieving families everywhere, especially those who were unable to be with their loved ones in their final hours or attend their funerals, and pray that Your Holy Spirit will bring them comfort. So many lives have been lost to Covid 19 but let us not forget that many more have died from other causes and will continue to do so. But we have the hope and assurance that there is life after death. Help us always to keep that hope in our hearts and to share it with others.

    Lord in your mercy
    Hear our prayer

Praise to the Lord! O let all that is within me adore Him!  As we go through the coming week help us to always be conscious of Your loving presence. Give us the courage to share the knowledge of Your love and grace to those around us in the same way that the disciples did on that first day of Pentecost and may Your light shine through us onto the people we meet.

    Merciful Father,
    Accept these prayers
    for the sake of your Son,
    our Saviour Jesus Christ.


The following sources occasional aid the inspiration of our Intercessors, and we are grateful that these, and so many more, are available to help us in our prayers. 
Costa Blanca Chaplaincy
Prayers for Today – Susan Sayers
Prayers of Intercession – Susan Sayers
The Intercessions Handbook – John Pritchard