The new way of Church continues for All Saints Anglican Church Algarve

Welcome to All Saints both Virtual and In-Person Worship Services!

2020 has been a year of challenges! In the Spring Churches were ordered to close, and people were instructed to stay home.

As a Church Family we wanted to be together every week to worship and share our fellowship, but Government restrictions stopped us from doing this.

So, what to do? We had to get creative.

We looked at several different approaches, but nothing seemed to work for us until we were encouraged to try the Zoom software. That was it – Challenge met.

Zoom was just so user friendly – even some of our more technically challenged members downloaded the programme, followed the simple instruction sent out with the invitation, and found their way easily to the All Saints Worship Services. Once Zoom was loaded on to the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone everyone was just a click away from All Saints.

Suddenly travel, time and location were no longer an issue and members of both Congregations worshipped in the safety, the comfort and the security of their own homes. Those homes were not always in the Algarve, now people were joining in worship from the UK, from Ireland, from Holland, and from Germany.

Since then Zoom Church has allowed All Saints to introduce new techniques to the Services, videos, new graphics, drop-in content from other parts of the world, new presentation styles and regular Sermons from our Bishop – based in London!

There have been services of celebration for All Saints Name Day, Services of Remembrance featuring The Cenotaph in London, Introduction of different worship music and active participation of many members of the Congregation from the security of their own homes. All Saints now have Virtual Alpha Courses and virtual Small Group Bible Study and many new initiatives are planned for Christmas.

As a Church we not only use Zoom for worship, but for meetings, virtual coffee mornings, craft days, touching base, Virtual House Groups or just a good old chat - the All Saints way of keeping in touch and holding a Congregation together in challenging times

All Saints Algarve: One Church with Two Congregations

Since the Spring things are gradually getting back to the new normal.

Full lockdown is over and each Congregation has a different response in going forward, according to the circumstances in their location

In the town of Lagoa – the Congregation under the leadership of Father Paul Luckman were invited back to worship the beautiful Convento de Sao Jose – and returned in full strength as soon as the authorities would permit them to do so. Social Distancing and the wearing of masks are of course observed as are all Government restrictions

Further east in the town of Almancil the regular location for worship is currently unavailable and this Congregation continues to happily worship via the online Zoom platform. Each service provides not only the opportunity for worship but also a time after the Service for fellowship and “catch up” with Brothers and Sisters in the Church Family.